Annual Darbar Move: JKNNP to ‘greets’ with Bandh Call

Calling upon the people of Jammu to support the Bandh Call on Nov 6, 2017, the opening day of Darbar move at Jammu, Mr Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister further appealed all sections of society to participate in the JKNPP’s “Lalkar Rally” the same day to showcase the unity of Jammu for realization of the common goal of ending age old subjugation of Dogra land.
He said that rallies, Bandhs and protest calls having been given by several social and political organizations on the very first day of secretariat opening in Jammu only symbolized the peoples anger, contempt and revulsion against misrule of the present govt and its total disregard for the aspirations of the people of Jammu.
Urging upon the people to wholeheartedly support all pro Jammu initiatives taken by various sections, irrespective of their social or political connections, Mr. Singh said that united fight against Jammu’s deprivation was the need of the hour. “Lets join a harmonious chorus rather than speaking in cacophony of voices”, said Harsh. He was addressing a press conference along with Balwant Singh Mankoita State President and Yash Paul Kundal State President Young Panthers.
Addressing media persons, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that Panthers Party offered to support anyone and everyone for the cause of Jammu and over the issues of Jammu irrespective of their social or political affiliations. “This is not the time to play politics. We do not have to get divided despite having a common objective. Let’s join and expose those who have weekend and marginalized us by consistently pursuing ‘divide and rule’ policy” said Singh.
Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that the Nov 6, “Lalkar Rally” would be attended by around one lac people from all 10 Districts of Jammu with representation from all Assembly constituencies of Jammu region and would set a new trend in J&K politics. He said that rally to be participated by multifarious sections of society would not only be an epitome of communal harmony and party’s faith in secularism but also be a harbinger of change in political discourse in the state.
Emphasising upon the unity of various pro Jammu forces, Mr. Singh said that time was fast running out with Jammu losing economically and politically with each passing day. The very identity of Dogra was under threat in view of serious developments that had taken place in the past, he added. With majority of Jammu people forced to migrate outside state and Dogra land being fastly occupied by non Dogra speaking people, the crisis of identity and culture was fast deepening, cautioned Harsh.  “We need to act or else the posterity shall never forgive us” observed Harsh. He urged upon the people to strengthen the Panthers Party which had vowed to fight every single act of bias perpetrated against Dogra land.

Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia and Mr. Yash Paul Kundal said that events like obnoxious policy for rehabilitation of the surrender militants and stone pelters, jobs and compensation for NOKs of deceased anti- national elements but disparagement and empty coffers for martyrs, appeasement of secessionist forces in the valley and aversion towards the nationalist people, etc had attributed to the peaked embitterment and resentment among the people of Jammu region. They appealed to the people especially the youth of Jammu to gird up their loins and join the movement launched by JKNPP for a separate statehood for Jammu Pradesh. 
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