Kathua Administration Dismantle expension of Guru Nabha Dass temple, Dalit will go for mass conversion: BSP

The so-called anti encroachment drive of district administration move to demolish under construction temple of Guru Nabha Das, has hurt the sentiments of Dalits community not only in Kathua town but in the entire nation, the move exhibits very clearly the personal biases and prejudices on the part Deputy Commissioner who targeted only Dalits, as it is claimed in adjacent area a powerful politician from upper caste has also encroached upon govt land, but the DC did not dare to stop him.

All India Confederation of SC/ST/OBC Organisations today held press conference at its office here at Jammu and condemned Kathua Administration’s action for dismantling of Guru Nabha Dass ji Temple.

He also criticized the action of lathi charge on the devotees of Guru Nabha Dass Ji wherein large number got injured. While addressing, R K Kalsotra, State President, All India Confederation of SC/ST/OBC Organisations said it is the height of injustice with SCs, for snatching their rights for construction of their Gurus Temple on the land which they have possessed for years and use it for performing their pooja.

He said rather considering us Hindus and beating the drum all over the place that Dalits are Hindu , yet no Hindu organisation has come forward in support of them and dismantling of Guru Nabha Dass temple, which shows these type of Organisations namely RSS, Hindu Mahasabha, Rajput Sabha, Shiv Sena and many others are not in favour of us. He appealed the religious and social organisations of SC, ST and OBC, Minorities to come together to expose the anti-dalit attitude of the government and he talked to Nabha Dass Sabha and leading leaders of the community to design the future strategy to counter this action.

In a TV interview BSP State President, Som Raj Majotra alleged that the Kathua DC is doing all the anti-dalit activities on the command of hindu extremist RSS and BJP. He warned that if these anti-dalit activities are not controlled on time then the whole dalit community will go for mass conversion to chirstainity or any other religion. He stated that if mass conversion happens then DC Kathua, RSS and BJP will be held responsible. In relation to this it is very pertinent here to mention about the event of Kir Pind Rattian village in 1935 where around 1 lakh dalits were assembled for conversion to some other religion due to the incessant atrocities and discrimination meted out on them for long time by the upper caste Hindus.But as this news were reached in the ears of Maharaja Hari Singh, he took immediately some welfare measures in favour of Scheduled caste like opening the doors of schools and temples for them to disseminate the feeling of equality and justice. This event could be repeated again if they are been denied of their basic civic rights . The administrartion should adhere fair means to give justice to the exploited section of the society so that this could give a sense of security and respite to the already oppressed people

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