BJP gives a damn to accountability/transparency, MLA disregards RTI Act

Giving to damn to transparency and accountability a BJP MLA from Jammu and Kashmir has virtually denied to share his property statement under J&K RTI Act.

According to sources, through RTI Act, information regarding statement filed by the MLA Ramnagar, Ranbir Singh Pathania from the date of his declaration in December 2014 to till date and some other questions sought by an information seeker from PIO, J&K Legislative Assembly.
The Public Information Officer (PIO), JKLA under the Act sought MLA’s consent to furnish information to the seeker, but the MLA despite lapse of more than a month did not reply to PIO. Accordingly, the information seeker filed first appeal under Act. “The PIO has not concealed any information, but waiting consent of MLA, and so far no response has been received”, content of letter written to the information seeker by First Appellate Authority, JKLA divulged.
Moreover acting on first appeal the FAA too reminded the MLA and sought his consent to furnish the information and same has not been allowed by the MLA. “The delay tactics may lead towards misapprehension about the person concerned and the RTI Officer as well. Besides, the office till date has been very cooperative while providing and kind of information sought by any particular activists”, the FAA wrote to the MLA.
The FAA brought into notice of MLA it might also not be out of place to submit here that the MLA has to submit a detailed property documents to the Election Commission of India and Secretary Legislative Assembly before taking oath as MLA and it may not be in the interest of the things to conceal the subsequent changes thereto.
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