Convocation’s invitation or insult, consolidation of caste inequalities in University of Jammu

Universities have been the vanguards of any civilized society. They are meant to act as a beacon to usher a society, first out of the abyss, then towards the shining zenith. They are meant to act as a device to churn out the best in us. They are meant to polish our senses and sensibilities in such a way so that we truly become the human ‘beings’.

Jammu University is going to organise the 17th Convocation on Sunday, 4th of March, 2018. For that purpose, the requisite faculty was invited but there was a peculiarity, in the way they were addressed. Apparently, the name of the persons belonging to the depressed section was followed up with the mention of their category. This, in essence, mounts to the blatant compartmentalization, that pigeonholes and reduces them to their respective identity labels.

One can expect, if not digest, such an act being committed by the common masses who constitute an average segment of our society. The same society, which even after seven decades of independence, still seeks of inequality. The society which still limits a human being to his or her identity. We are talking about the society which is entrenched with caste discrimination. Still, one hopes and hopes for the better. And one must. But when one comes across such an act of gross delinquency and witnesses such an abominable act coming from a university, that hope is lost.
To undo the harm done, in whatever degree it does, and more importantly to rekindle that hope-that dying hope-the administration should own its transgression. At once, the authorities should come forward and apologize, in writing, for such a blatant and gargantuan error.

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