Ethics of Journalism are on Stake

By Rajat Vohra

“Upper caste people of Rajasthan killed two persons of Dalit community” “First Dalit girl to top the UPSC exam”. etc (News headlines of some prominent newspapers) I am not mentioning names here, the reason is not that I am afraid of them that this is not the story of one or two newspaper or News channel, this is what most of the media houses doing these days.

Now, the question arises is “Why this is happening, are we all not the same human beings cutting across all the caste identities”? Most of us believe that there is one supernatural power that has created us and he has divided us into two section or community or religion and that is men and women so why there are divisions on caste basis?Who are we to divide these two communities into various or I can say endless communities.
Yes, many so-called champions of religion are already doing it but are the ethics or principle of Journalism gives us this teaching. Today most of the stories carry caste identity of a culprit and victim. Journalism teaches us to ethical reporting of an event or an incident not reporting caste of the people involved in it.
Are we ready to accept Caste based journalism? Being a student of Journalism this is not only my question but my concern also. Is this the job, which I have to do after my degree, am I going to quote every one by his/her caste and not by his/her work. I don’t think in last two years, there is a single lecture given by any of our professors about how to quote someone by his/her caste rather than his/her quality and work. Where are we going? What do we want? What do we want to show? What do we want to convey?
We have to decide first, either we want to get recognized by doing what people are doing, on the name of caste politics or being an ethical citizen we just want to convey an information in the best possible way which is not controversial, the content of which should not be based on caste and any of the parameters that try to divide humans into different subparts. I know that, it is the demand of the hour, it is the demand of the corporate, the profit makers who just want more popularity and more spices, they have their own tools of measuring true journalism. But my senior and super senior friends of journalism, you are in that position where you can demand change, where you can apply the change. I am confident that if the entire media community (yes it is a community which is getting polluted day by day because of our own stupidity) gets united and boycott this kind of journalism which creates conflicts and creates an inferiority complex among many, this system of killing the humanity of journalism can be stopped. Yes, I am very much concerned today, I am afraid by seeing my future as a journalist.

The author is, student of Mass Communication and New Media, Central University of Jammu.  

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