Indian democracy is at crossroads because it did not experience any intellectual revolution: Prof. Badri Raina

Prof Badri, Raina delivered a public memorial lecture on “Democracy: Past, Present and Future” to commemorate 89th birth anniversary of veteran journalist and peace activist Ved Bhasin, the founding Editor Kashmir Times Group of Publications here today at Convention Centre Jammu.

Professors Raina, addressed the gathering while tracing the trajectory of democracy in the world, through a light on the events and happenings which played initial role in the development of the idea of democracy. He described that how the idea of democracy travelled from the church and religious leaders to the French revolution to till today.

While tracing the history of democracy, he stroked on the myths constructed in every religion to make one race superior to the other. In the war of constructed myth and scientific and logical thinking, the logical and scientific thinking won the war and contributed immensely to the development of the idea of democracy. In this war of myth and science, ever thinking based on logic and science was taken as anti-religious.

For example the development of Ayurveda was considered as anti-religious. But the scientific developments immensely contributed in the movement of the democracy. These scientific developments lead to the emergence of renaissance and a war against the constructed myths which ultimately led the emergence of capitalism and then the idea of democracy rapidly grow. This war is continuous since the beginning of human life on earth. When authority started finding its roots in the legitimacy, the idea of democracy started growing.

The struggle of human selflessness, human intelligence, human empathy and struggling against the forces which pushes in the direction of myth and superstition brought us here at the present stage of democracy.

The democracy’s story goes from completion to next incompletion to completion and this finally comes to be called a movement towards human rights. These are the inalienable rights by virtue of being human. The freedom of speech became the corner stone of democracy.

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