Make republic day meaningfull: AIBCU

Every year, the Republic Day and the Independence Day are celebrated with great fervor and gaiety but the real sense of the Republic day is the implementation of Constitution of India on 26th of Jan 1956.
Celebration of the birthday of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar by BJP Centre / State Govts are performed but constitution prepared by him and accepted is not implemented in its true sense in the country. That is why those who run this country in accordance with the Chaturverna  System snatched the living rights of the Shudras since centuries  together and still inspite of the Country’s constitution, the first three
vernas could not forget their caste based supremacy in free India.

Somewhat rights which could be had in J&K State for those who were deprived since centuries together, have never been implemented. SC got some relaxations in 1972 and ST in 1990s and state OBCs who could get some relaxing in 1992 could not get and the State rulers on the name of Art 370 snatched the due rights of the state OBCs (Called OSCs) and till date mind set of the state rulers did not change Jut celebrate the “Republic Day” & “The Independence Day” every year by spending crores on such celebrations but the sense of celebrations is far away from its real sense. State rulers in particular must change their mind set and they should not use Art 370 as a tool to snatch the due living rights of state’s poor people or they should stop celebrating these days without making any meaningful sense. This was all discussed 
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