Manuvad in Jammu: separate cremation ground constructed in Bishnah

R K Kalsotra, State President All India Confederation of SC/ST/OBC Organisations met Rajiv Ranjan, District Magistrate, Jammu and submitted him a written complaint in which he drew his attention towards a burning news of village Chunia Brahamana of Tehsil Bishnah which was covered by the news papers as well as by the electronic media, thus has become the talk of the town reminding the past history of our country where due to Caste system, people belonging to SC communities were forced to live separately and even their cremation ground were segregated from the society as a whole, but because of the empowering Constitution these type of discriminatory practices were brought to an end and punishment were included in the constitution for those who practice or preach caste system.

Kalsotra apprised the District Magistrate about the video clip and news in which allegations have been charged on present MP of the area who allotted a special Constituency fund for the development of separate cremation shed for Upper caste, which has send chills down the spines of every citizen living in a Democratic country. This reflects their psychic and throws lights on serious irregularities committed at the time of survey, when already a shed exists there. Society at a large and especially SC community has underwent a deep shock after coming across the videos as well newspaper that still in 21st century, these types of happening are going on.
He urged the DM to enquire the matter at the earliest and book the culprits responsible and send them under lock, moreover dismantle the shed to portray a strong message to those who are behind it that this type of pathetic mindset is unbearable. Kalsotra said he hopes DM will take the matter as of serious nature and enquire and take action.

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