Mismanagement: Rs 80 cr meant for development Jammu University lapsed

It may sound absurd but it is a fact that findings of committee formed to enquire into the reasons for lapse of funds amounting to 80 crores allotted for development of offsite campuses have yet to see the light of the day despite lapse pretty long time.

This was stated by Dr Vikas Sharma, President National Secular Forum in a press conference today who further said that consequent upon lapse of funds amounting to 80 crores by University of Jammu, state government headed by the then Chief Minister, Mufti Mohd Sayeed constituted committee to probe the reasons leading to lapse of huge funds meant for development of offsite campuses and fix responsibly of university officers involved in surrendering the funds without full utility within the stipulated time period.
He said that university of Jammu under the headship of incumbent Vice Chancellor Prof R. D. Sharma has suffered tremendously in academics lowering the educational standard due to faulty policies of the University. Not only one but a number of wrongs and irregularities have been committed by varsity administration promoting nepotism and favoritism and make sacred temple of learning as personal fiefdom by few henchmen of VC due to weakness of the latter.
He said that it was considered a good omen by all stakeholders to put a deterrent on the mishandling of university administrative affairs when the then Chief Minister of the State constituted the committee under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary of the State so as to bring the factual position about lapse of gigantic amount of funds in crores meant for further strengthening the infrastructural development of off-site campuses of varsity.
He said that since it was a matter of serious concern being very poor conditions of off-site campuses owing to lack of infrastructural facilities for the students there,  it was felt imperative by the government to establish the compelling reasons and fix responsibly of concerned officers of university who failed to utilize the funds meant for off-site campuses.
He further said that there seems something fishy about few interested forces in the university who might be trying to get the enquiry report hushed up to shield the erring officials /officers working under the administrative control of Prof Ramji Dass Sharma VC as the latter is ultimately responsible for laxity in overall tone up of the University administration being its head.
Expressing his apprehensions about the fate of committee and its findings, Dr Vikas urged the Chief Minister who is also Pro Chancellor of Jammu University to personally intervene and ensure the findings of committee to be made public by the concerned authority by uploading in government website for general information.

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