PDP’s tsunami capture Kargil, over 400 families join party

By Basharat Ladakhi

Riding a joyful wave of mass populism PDP  has seems to finally broken all the cultural taboos of political affiliations of the people of Kargil.
The people of Kargil are developing interest in the PDP and now a new phenomenon of joining the same has started. This action undoubtedly going to help the party in the forthcoming elections of the Council. This is due to Haji Analyst Ali has broken all the rigid and traditional boundaries of interaction with the masses.
 Like in other parts of the country, the man in kargil has always felt a gap between leader and a common man but now the situation is totally changed with the efforts of the Hai Anayat Ali. Now, it has become very difficult for other political leader to derail this process of mass joining of PDP.    Getting inference from the statistics the opposition is getting a clearer picture increasing massive credibility among the common people of Kargil because PDP as of now seems hell bent on destroying  every other competitor on the field.
A few years back the villages like Kaksar, Zansker, Wakha, Laptop  Thasgam, Shimsha Kherbo etc used to be Home turfs of different political parties and even entry into these villages for PDP was unimaginable. But now the situation is changed, the mass gathering and joining PDP have raised the excitement and heartbeats of party workers everywhere and a PDP Tsunami is taking shape in Kargil. After Zanskar ,wakha , Kaksar ,Latoo Thasgam, Shimsha kherbo, kherbo and Drass  Sankoo PDP’S  tsounomy move  towards Darker to Henskott, today Haji  Anayat Ali  along with senior  and  youth PDP members visited Darket to Henskott. More than 423 Families joined PDP party at today  Darket to Henskott.
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