PDP’s tsunami continued in Kargil, 100 families from Sankoo joined party

By Basharat Ladakhi
Riding a joyride wave of mass populism PDP it seems has finally broken all the cultural taboos of political affiliations of the people of Kargil. The phenomenon of joining PDP has become the new norm of Kargil polity it seems as a never ending chain reaction of people and villages Joining PDP has started.

These events will no doubt help PDP gain an upper hand in the forthcoming Council Elections as Haji Anayat Ali has broken every protocol and rules of how a political leader should interact with the masses.

There was always a distance between the leader and the common man in Kargil and if any other political leader who wishes to break this chain reaction of “PDP joining” would have to come out of their comfort quilts and work like Haji Anayat Ali on the field this chilling winter.
The statistics even if as the opposition claims as exagerations would no doubt has massive credibility among the common people of Kargil and PDP as of now seems hell bent on destroying every other competitor on the field. It is to be noted that just like Kaksar the below villages were also at one time Home turfs of different political parties and even entry into these villages for PDP was unimaginable a few years back. In the meantime these enormous gatherings and joining have raised the excitement and heartbeats of PDP workers everywhere and a PDP Tsunami is taking shape in Kargil.
After Zanskar, Wakha Mulback, Kaksar, Thasgam, Shimsha kherbo, Kherbo and Drass PDP’s tsunami move on towards Sankoo sub division. Haji Anayat Ali along with senior and youth members visited Sankoo, where more than 100 Families joined PDP party, including 25 families in Khalamarpo and 75 families in Ralam, Mongrong, Yougma Ground and Banayalsa areas joined PDP.
           Meanwhile, in presence of Haji Anayat Ali, Chairman J&K Legislative Council, 22 families along LoC in Kargil, joined PDP.The people hailed the people freindly approach of Haji Anayat Ali and his pro people policy. They also told that they have only influenced by the approach of Haji Anayat Ali himself and that is the reason they are joining PDP.
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