Prof Bhim Singh resents ‘Jehadi’ remark for Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti by an Advocate

Reacting on remarks on J&K Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti, as ‘Jehadi’ by an advocate as quoted by a national news paper, the J&K National Panther Party Supermo Sr. Advocate in the Supreme Court & Executive Chairman of the State Legal Aid Committee, Prof.Bhim Singh said how could be am elected Chief Minister called as ‘Jehadi’.

According a press statement issued by Mr Singh, said, “Thoughtless statement of a junior lawyer appearing in a Kathua case calling an elected Chief Minister as a ‘Jehadi Chief Minister’ which is, he described, a derogatory remark against an official holding a constitutional rank in the system.”

He said that he would have ideological disagreements and her conduct in my fields in state, but describing an elected Chief Minister as ‘Jehadi’ cannot be accepted even within the meaning and scope of the Bar Council of India, which has not been extended to the lawyers of J&K ever since it was born in New Delhi. He hoped that young lawyers whatever school they belong to use the legal/respectful/and acceptable language while dealing with the legal cases where they are meant for representing the legal interest of their clients and not the political philosophy they have inherited from any other school. “Using the terms, ‘Jehadi Chief Minister’ or ‘Islamic Fascist communal agenda’ against an elected Chief Minister of J&K is also violation of rule of law which stands established by the Press Council of India, 1978”, he said and added that this is violation of the rule of decency for the press that, “Mehbooba Mufti is Jehadi-she gives legal immunity to caw slaughter and bovine smuggling.

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