Protest against Israel, America in Kargil

​By Basharat Ladakhi
The ISK and IKMT Kargil today held protest against American President Donald Trump for declaring Jerusalem as a Capital of Israel.
ISK and IKMT Kargil staged a mass protest rally in Kargil against US President’s decision of Israel’s capital to Al Quds Jerusalem and termed it as an “unlawful” act of Trump, that hurts emotions of Muslims world. Thousands of people participated in the rally at Islamiya Chowk Kargil.
Meanwhile, Anjuman-e-Sahib Zaman sankoo Protest against the US decision recognizing disputed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Hundreds of people from Sankoo and its adjacent areas participated in this massive rally, organized by Anjuman Sahib-e-Zaman Sankoo, the procession was held after Friday’s prayer, the procession that was started from, Mussallah Mehdi Kousar Sankoo, went through main Bazar and culminated at SVD Gate Sankoo.
The protestors were raising slogan and holding placards in their hand, they shouted slogans against America and Israel. The protestors sought revocation of US decision and intervention of the international community in the matter.
Addressing the gathering Huja-tul-islamwalmuslimeen Aga Syeed Ahmed Rizvi  threw light and its important of youm-e-Quds said youm-e-quds was declared by imam Khomenie(R.A) to express solidarity with people of Gaza, palestnin, yammen and Behrain.

He further said recognizing Jerusalem al-Quds as Israelss capital, the core of the Palestinian issue, which is the city of al-Quds, has been erased from all possible talks, because the issue of al-Quds would fall out of the domain of any negotiations. He also condemned American President Ronald Trump.

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