Rassana Case, an 8 years old girl’s ‘rape’, murder: a struggle, many hurdles

In a very infamous crime against a nomad family in Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir state, where an eight year old girl abducted on January 10, kept in hostage, raped and finally murdered, and her body was found on January 17, (after a week of her kidnapping), as a section of some people from a particular religion, with tri color in their hands took out a rally in defense of rapists and murderers of an innocent, who certainly was not anti-national.
Initially, familiar with the development that rocked entire Jammu and Kashmir state, members of nomad community (Bakkarwal) had suffered wrath of Police while demanding justice for the innocent, who was certainly not ‘antinational’.
Meanwhile, the civil society from Jammu regions too joined the cause, the victim’s case  got support from national capital where some peace loving people held protest outside the JK House. Luckily, budget session was going in winter capital of state, where some members of Lower House, raised the issue in the state Assembly.
The Govt swiftly acting on the demands of members inside the house and protests of civil society outside, handed over the case to State Crime Branch. The CB, further constituted a special investigation team (SIT), the SIT took 17 days to achieve its goal and finally arrested first culprit in the case. Unfortunately, the arrested culprit was a Special Police Officer (SPO), Deepak Khajura, the culprit belongs to Brahmin caste, a top caste in the hierarchy in Indian caste system. Interestingly, the SIT arrested one more person namely Surinder Kumar in case (FIR No: 10/2018 U/S 363, 320, 376, 302 RPC).
Astonishingly, these developments took a wrong turn, when some people from Hiranagar, Kathua where the heinous crime was committed, took out a rally seeking release of the culprits. However, Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti, on social networking site had termed it as: Appalled by the marches & protests in defense of the recently apprehended rapist in Kathua. Also horrified by their use of our national flag in these demonstrations, this is nothing short of desecration. The accused has been arrested and the law will follow its course.
Meanwhile, Joint resistance leadership (JRL) led by Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Doctor Muhammad Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik in a joint press release issued today. Terming the rally by Hindu Aikta Morcha in support of a thug, Rapist and Murderer, as a slap on the face of whole humanity, JRL said that this rally was led by a BJP assembly member which is actually a glaring proof of the fascist mindset of ruling class in India and Jammu Kashmir.  Trio have had claimed that no faith in those who make noise of Beti Bachav on daily basis but it was also not expected of those who worship Sita and Radha to come blatantly in favor of a person who raped an innocent girl and killed her like a beast.
Leaving aside party lines, the National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana on Saturday decried “communalization and politicization” of a heinous crime over the rape-and-murder of eight-year-old girl of Rassana in Kathua. In a statement, he said these attempts are highly deplorable and against civilized behavior. “Can politics stop such lower depths where barbaric act against a girl child falls prey to religious chauvinism”, Rana asked and added “If it is Rassana today, it can be anybody tomorrow”, Rana said while invoking societal response to the dangerous trend being set by frenzy elements, hiding behind the religion. Several civil society organizations have been in forefront for seeking justice for victim since the day one, and the struggle will be continue.
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