Save constitution, Kalsotra appeals masses

All India Confederation of SC/ST/OBC Organisations today appealed masses to come forward to save the consitituion of India, during a meeting held Prem Nagar, Jammu wherein men, women belonging to SC and OBC category participated.
R K Kalsotra, State President Confederation presided over the meeting. Almost in majority residents of Prem Nagar apprised Sh. Kalsotra about the worse condition of their lanes and drains, no municipal karamchari visited the areas, people themselves clean their drains and street, majority of people are without State Subject and SC, OBC certificates.
They complained that many times they visited Tehsil and District offices but no one listened to their grievances & even urban housing schemes are not implemented, maximum houses were kaccha and they have not got any benefit of the schemes. They further said that they are eligible of getting BPL Ration Card but not getting .Even on the marriage of a girl, scheme benefit are not being given to them. They alleged political leaders only come at the time of Election and they make so many promises for their betterment but after getting elected they don’t come to solve their problems.

While addressing, Kalsotra said, they belong to a social movement and had come there to educate them about their rights and not for gathering  votes. He agreed with them the way political people make false promises. He guided them to be united first, call their elected representatives to solve their genuine problems & if they dont come, protest against them, this right they have got from the Constitution which was framed by Baba Sahib Dr B R Ambedkar.He further advised them all though their position is very poor but hustle to give best education to their children, sit with them regularly for 2-3 hours, have discussion with them, guide them to give more time for study, off and on visit their school, meet their teacher, get tips from them to watch and ward children.Those who need financial assistance to run their small business should  meet SC, BC Corporation. Youth were advised to approach RSETI to get skill development course to run their own business. He advised them to build a strong association by coming close to each other to get justice from the Govt. and to save Constitutional   Rights. He advised them to follow Ambedkar Sahib and his philosophy of Educate, Organise and Agitate. Even then if their demands are not met, raise voice jointly, & then definitely Govt. will listen and act, Others who spoke were Kuldeep Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, Aishvarya Mehra and others.
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