Save reservation, save constitution

Taking its crusade to save reservation, save constitution, a step ahead, the All India SC/ST/OBC confederation organized a meeting at Chamba, Katra.

The meeting was presided over its state president R K Kalsotra who was accompanied by Shashi Sayal state coordinator confederation. While addressing Kalsotra appealed the SCs STs OBCs from Katra to  join the confederation in save reservation save Constitution, a movement launched by State Unit Confederation. He requested the participants to join the mass rally to be held at Jammu on February 5, 2018.

Several issues like unemployment of backward classes, non reservation in promotions, non reservations in private sector were discussed during today’s meeting. It was decided that a meeting at Bhagtha Katra on 14 Feb, 2018 in order to aware people about reservation and also to appeal them for the rally to be held in Jammu. The unit Katra confederation also assured to state president R K Kalsotra that at people about 3 buses from Katra area will attend the upcoming rally. Shashi Sayal, Ashok Kumar, Paras Ram, Amit Thappa, Deewan Chand, Bansi Lal, Miss Preeti and Sushma Devi spoke during the meeting.
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