SC/ST/OBC Confederation warns to Govt don’t touch statues of Baba Saheb on his birth anniversary

Infuriated over dubious of character BJP that stands exposed in the country where the non-Brahmin Community is being brutalized by the upper caste, the SC/ST/OBC Confederation has warned PDP-BJP coalition Government not to touch statues of Baba Saheb, Dr B R Ambedkar on his 127thBirth Anniversary.

Addressing the Press Conference State President Confederation R K Kalsotra referred to the repeated statement of the Prime Minister that NDA Govt will never dilute the Constitutional provisions for the betterment of the SC/ST/OBC communities and brought to the notice of the press that BJP partnered State Govt has already vanished the reservation in State institutions and stopped the reservation in promotions despite relief granted by the Supreme Court of India.
Kalsotra elaborated that ruling parties swear by Dr Ambedkar and the Constitution of India but in fact the parties in coalition have not only violated the reservation rules but even changed Constitution provisions for reservation.
He quoted an example of the engineering department where in negligible representation given to reserved categories. One of the examples in the department he quoted that since 1970 to 2017 total 152 number of Chief Engineers were promoted out of which 142 I. e. 93.43% in place of 69%from General and only 10 from Reserved category against 31% reservation,. 2nd example he quoted was that out of 176 promoted Supt Engineers, 161 ie (91.47%) against 69% was General and only 10 belonged to reserves category only (5.68%) against 31% similar are the position in other grades/cadres and departments. He also stated that ineligible general category engineers were promotes while eligible reserved category engineers were ignored with the result huge backlog is pending in all the grades/cadres and the departments.
For example eight posts of Chief Engineers are vacant in PHE wherein five Superintendent Engineers from the reserved category are eligible for the last 4-6yeras and they are not being prompted by the authorities.
The authorities are only waiting for the general category Supt Engineers to become eligible to promote them by ignoring the reserved category Supt Engineers and are violating the reservation rules and the judgment of the Supreme Court which stipulates continuance of reservation in promotions.
Kalsotra also highlighted the caste based discrimination always meted out to the reserve categorised and never to the General caste. He cited the example of Separate cremation shed for General caste in Bishnah, disallowing the schedule caste to perform post death rituals at Panchyat Ghar in Domana and Pouni and ill-treatment with the scheduled caste teaching faculty in Jammu University.
He apprised the media that State Govt is going to hold a cabinet on 12 April, he advised the Govt to pass the order for Continuation of Reservation in Promotions in the cabinet and implement it in toto otherwise coalition Govt has no right to garland the statute of Bharat Ratna Dr B R Ambedkar on his 127 birth Anniversary as the actions of the state government are determental to the interest of the reserved category and against the spirit of the Constitutional provisions.
He cautioned the Coalition Govt not to touch the statute of Dr Ambedkar in case Govt does not order for Continuation of reservation in promotions. He appealed the cadre to make preparation for celebration of birth Anniversary of Baba Sahib Dr Ambedkar ji on 14 April and don’t allow the government to touch the status in case the government does not issue the said order. Others who spoke in Press Conference were Mohd Shafi, Harbaksh Loach, Hem Raj, Dev Raj and others.
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