Villagers die, injure sans bakers: Govt is ‘committed’ provide security, safety to border residents

Suchetgarh, a border village situated in R.S Pura Tehsil of Jammu district remains under the continuous life threats and insecurity due to frequent cross border firing. Due to the prolonged Indo-Pak conflict, the lives of 1515 people remained unsafe, and ignorance on the part of state as well as the centre governments multiplies their miseries in many folds.

“During the time of UPA I & II it was proposed that three bankers will be built in the village for the safety of the people at the time of firing and shelling”, Rakesh Kumar, Panch village Suchetgarh said.
“But this could not become a reality. The reason is that no land has been identified by authorities so far for constructing safety bunkers” he added. Due to fencing on border, a major land belongs villagers, had gone beyond the fence, he said and added that compensation against land fence has been raised by security forces, is paid.
Usually bankers are built at state land and if state land is not available nearby then a private land is used for the purpose after giving proper compensation to the owner of the land. But when no such compensation is given, no one gets ready to give their farming land to be used for this purpose. “The land is the only source of earning for us and we do not want to forgo this land uncompensated” said Ram Lal.
In the adjoining village of Sai Nikowal, two bunkers are built, one in School and other in a lawn of a house. But the condition of the bunkers is so poor that no one can survive there for more than a hour. In the absence of proper ventilation, the bunkers are very suffocating and knee filled with water. Only 40 people at the most can be accommodated there whereas the population of the village is around 1300.

In the absence of proper safety measures, the people have to run out of their village amid gun firing and shelling. No state agency comes to rescue of the villagers at the time of disruption. “We have to make all the arrangements on our own for moving to the safe places at the time of firing.” Sometimes when the firing becomes heavy people could not move to the safe places and they have to stick to the grounds for many hours and days in several cases.
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